HCPs and doclift: About us

HCP and AI Expert

doclift was created with a clear purpose to disrupt the traditional healthcare education landscape and facilitate global collaboration among healthcare professionals (HCPs), fueled by the pursuit of excellence, innovation, sustainability, and positive impact on patient care.

How it all started

It all started with expertshare.live, a platform designed by forward thinking Swiss engineers and award winning software developers, which was specifically created for experts within a company to share knowledge with each other – live and virtually. Hence, the name expertshare.live.

Over the past three years, expertshare has achieved great success in partnering leaders from diverse industries such as banking, real estate, consumer goods, pharma, defense, and general sectors. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift to virtual solutions, making expertshare even more relevant. Hospitals have utilized expertshare for eCMEs (electronic Continuing Medical Education) and one hospital even introduced a Stroke Management master’s program with participation from outside the local area, indicating the platform’s growing significance.

As we delved into the analytics of events offered by hospitals and pharma on expertshare, we noticed a trend. Healthcare professionals were sharing how the learning they gained from the platform had directly helped them with real-life cases. This inspired us to take our expertise in virtual events and e-learning, then add a community feature to create something unique for the healthcare industry – doclift.

The Leading Community for Healthcare Professionals

Join our growing community of healthcare professionals and network with colleagues who share your passion for providing the best possible patient care. With access to a wealth of resources and the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded healthcare professionals, you can keep up to date with the latest advances in healthcare. Don't miss this opportunity to join a dynamic community for healthcare professionals dedicated to improving patient care. Enrol today and take your career to the next level!

Our Vision

HCPs joining hands

doclift was created out of a vision to revolutionize healthcare education and foster global collaboration among healthcare professionals (HCPs).

We are a purpose-driven platform that brings together healthcare professionals (HCPs) through a unique blend of e-learning, community engagement, and virtual/hybrid events. Founded in 2023 in the Emirates and powered by Swiss award-winning engineers, doclift combines Swiss engineering precision with the forward-thinking vision of the Emirates to transform healthcare education worldwide.

Our Mission

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At the heart of doclift's mission is a deep commitment to making a positive impact on patient care and the global healthcare landscape.

We believe that by empowering HCPs with advanced education and fostering collaboration among them, we can collectively improve patient outcomes and contribute to a better world. Our purpose-driven approach is rooted in excellence, sustainability, and a vision for advancing healthcare knowledge for a better tomorrow, starting today.